The Flux

Why I’m really fascinated by Universal Basic Income and why I not consider it utopistic

Universal Basic Income is not a recent idea, we know.

But, the new way the entire humanity is called to go through, make the UBI — again, Universal Basic Income, making it short — a fascinating and powerful idea to, at least, we can refer to.

Now more than the past we really need a powerful-interconnected-good-applicated-solutions to build a better future for all, in a way that needs to be at the same time: quick, sustainable and distribuited.

The majority of peoples are busy to get sufficient money to reach the end of the month, to build a relative comfortable life for themselves, for their families and, above all, for their sons and daughters.

This is, for me, a losing game.

Try to imagine for a moment you are not slave of the money anymore: you can do everything you really want to do, now, without problems about getting the primary needs. And now, go over the initial identity shock you probably can have — «oh, I have sufficient money and sufficient time to re-invent my life… fuck, what I have to do now?» — .

You are free to do everything you want. Now.

Yes, a lot of people initially go with every lazy thing, thinking someone other have to do this, or that thing. And yes, a lot of people still try to get rich or super-powered in some manner. You can’t expect to solve this in a snap.

But, hey, a counter part of a very lot peoples will start to build something wonderful: about culture, about technology, about innovation, about music, about art, about sustanaibility, about agricolture… fill the list in the way you wish.

That’s the way we can have full-optional electric cars, the best technology to communicate, to do our new concept of work, to have the best food, to breathe the best air we can, to swim in a clean sea and ocean — without plastic or toxic-something — and, oh, the time to learn something good. Without anxiety. You have all the time to do it.

In my opinion we’ll have peoples who love to be involved in agriculture, peoples who love build technology, peoples who love to imagine something really innovative and good for us, peoples who love to make music, peoples who love to help others, and go on.

Now imagine you can be yourself. Deeply yourself.

And now, imagine that all this can build a distributed common good for every one.

It’s not impossible to do. If you think, it’s not so impossible. Maybe difficult, yes, at the first time, and yes, we can need to make some govern over it, initially, but absolutely not impossible.

We don’t need money, anymore, because we all have sufficient money to build the best thing we are talented for.

And the best part is that things are inevitable going to that way: you can access to many things for free — for example having a blog in Medium, without paying nothing— or with a really small price than before.

Making money is quickly becoming a nonsense goal. We still need it, but it is losing their sense as an organizing-society-model.

That’s why I’m really fascinating by Universal Basic Income idea, without sounding utopistic, now.

What about you? Are you confident in this way?